Step into the world of our family-owned and operated business, nestled in the vibrant West Palm Beach, Florida. We are passionate about creating stylish and tasteful accessories that cater to those extra spoiled pets in your life. Our aim is simple: to please both our human and furry clientele with refined, well-designed, and modern pieces that elevate your pet's style to new heights. With a keen eye for beauty and functionality, all our products are thoughtfully crafted locally to enhance your daily walks with a touch of tastefulness. Join us as we embark on a journey to transform your pet's everyday experience into a seamless blend of elegance and joy.



Our story began with the adoption of Mia, the most adorable dachshund, inspiring us to create Urbana. As a fashion enthusiast, I searched for a stylish collar, but finding none, I saw an opportunity. Together with my husband Luis Plaza and my mom Olga Guerra, we launched Urbana in October 2017.

With my advertising and design background, I crafted Urbana's branding, while Olga used her skilled hands to create our initial product prototypes. Supported by Luis's home office setup, we quickly gained popularity among family and friends. Our presence expanded through Instagram, connecting us with a wider audience.

Driven by continuous improvement, we now collaborate with talented artisans in Italy for production. We've established an online store and proudly showcase our designs in our well-known Showroom in West Palm Beach, FL. Additionally, we actively participate in pet industry pop-ups throughout South Florida, where Urbana has gained recognition.

Our mission is to bring unique and stylish accessories to pampered pets everywhere. As we continue to grow, we aspire to further engage with the Latin markets and collaborate with esteemed pet retailers in Miami and beyond.

Join us in celebrating the bond between pets and their humans, and discover the Urbana difference today.



At Urbana, we are deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of animals in need. Recognizing the challenging times faced by animal shelters and rescue groups in Venezuela, we proudly donate 10% of our profits to support their vital work.

In a country where these shelters have been forgotten by the government and society, we strive to provide much-needed relief. Our contribution goes towards feeding and supporting the animals who rely on these shelters for their well-being. By directing our efforts to this cause, we aim to bring comfort and hope to those furry friends who are most vulnerable.

Together, with your support, we can make a positive impact on the lives of these deserving animals. Join us in our mission to bring compassion and assistance to the animal shelters and rescue groups in Venezuela.