Introducing our New Hands-Free Retractable Leashes

Take your dog walks to the next level with the coolest and most stylish retractable dog leashes out there. They feature an USB rechargeable LED light for secure night walks, and it is designed for allowing your hands to be free while walking your dog. The nylon is 10 ft (3 mts) long and is meant for active dogs weighing between 1 and 40 lbs.

Hands free: The modern circular design allows you to have your hands free when you need to. Tie your shoelace, carry groceries or answer that important email without compromising control.

Milk White Retractrable Dog Leash


USB Rechargeable LED light: The built-in USB Rechargeable LED lighting illuminates the way, giving you maximum visibility and safety while walking at night. (Includes charger)

Turquoise Retractable Dog Leash


One handed brake & quick lock system: Easily adjust the length of the leash by sliding the secure switch button in the handle.The length of 3 meters is what we think is the most suitable length for dogs, whether for walking or jogging. 3 meters long, everything is under control.

Sakura Pink Retractable Dog Leash


360 Tangle Free: The 360° tangle free and retractable belt design ensures the leash can be smoothly retracted and released at any angle.

Matte Black Retractable Leash


Heavy duty strong nylon: The leash is meant for active dogs weighing between 1 and 40 lbs. However, the Leash is built to withstand up to 90 lbs force! This means that if you have a dog heavier than 40 lbs, but one who isn’t prone to sudden jerks or sprints, you could easily use our leash to walk them.

Milk White Retractable Leash

Ergonomic handle: The soft and anti-slip rubber grip ensures your hand would not hurt when the dogs run wildly.

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