How to Match Your Dog in Style.

If you are a fashion-forward dog mom this article is for you. We present 5 elevated matching outfit with your dog for different occasions. No matter if you are working out with your pooch, or if you are enjoying life in a pet-friendly beach resort, you and your furry-kid should be always on point! So here are 5 ideas to accomplish this mission.


1- Sparkling Nights: Pet-friendly festivities.
Christmas, New Years Eve, and all winter holidays are around the corner and of course you will spend these special nights with your dog. This is the perfect time to get all dressed up so let's add black leather, and sparkles. Our Black Vegan Leather Collar & Leash + our Poop Bag Holder are the right dog accessories to complete an elegant and sophisticated night out look. 

Dog Matching Outfit | Urbana Pet Boutique



2- Everlasting Summer: The pet-friendly beach resort look.
There's nothing better than spending the summer in a pet-friendly beach resort, so if you are planning a trip like this with your fido for the next summer you'll need our Papaya Madness Dog Set. This fun and bold print will be the perfect complement for any summer look.

Dog Matching Look | Urbana Pet Boutique



3- Navy Casual: Comfy, Smart and Elegant.
This look is super versatile and classic so it can be worn in multiple occasions. It is perfect for the everyday walk, for a dog day at work or even for going to a brunch. No matter what version of a navy look you'll have or use, our Riviera Beach Dog Collar & Bow Tie are just the right choice to match your dog with any white and deep blue style. In addition, our Milk White Retractable Leash + Our Poop Holder not only gives a modern touch to the outfit, but also it makes it super functional.

Dog Matching Outfit | Urbana Pet Boutique



4- Blue Jeans & Pink: The Everyday Dog Walk
Let's face it, sometimes there's no much time to dress and take your dog for a walk. A blue denim jeans and pink top are the kind of a no-brainer off-duty ensemble that you need when you have no time. Complement this ensemble with our Cotton Candy Dog Harness & Collar and our Pink Retractable Dog Leash and the whole getup will come together perfectly.




5- Active Soul: For the Active Dog Mom.
When it comes to very active dog moms and dogs, dressing athleisure is the best alternative. Workout with your dog in style with our American Dream Dog Harness & Collar. This blue, white and red style will complement any neutral activewear, specially if you are a navy blue workout cloth lover. In addition, our Black Retractable Leash will make your life easier, when you need your hands without sacrificing control. 

Dog Matching Outfit | Urbana Pet Boutique

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