Gift Guide: 5 Stylish Valentine's Day Present for your Dog.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love — and there's no doubt that one of our biggest loves in our lives are our furry-children. They’re loyal, loving, make us laugh, and are always there when we need them. So why not to spoil your dog with a stylish gift that matches your outfit and its lovely personality.. After all, there's no one else in this world that love us so unconditionally as them.

1- Hands-Free Retractable Leash: 
Take your dog walks to the next level with the coolest and most stylish retractable dog leashes out there. Available in 4 different and bold colors.

2- Stylish Dog Collar:
Shop the most stylish and fashionable Luxury Dog Collars in a variety of styles and patterns for all sizes. Durable, preppy and bold patterns with gold hardware for a sophisticated look and reliable everyday use.

3- Initial Dog Charm:
If you are proud of your dog's name this product is for you. Our stainless steel and 14K Gold Plated Initial Dog Charms are the most stylish way to personalize your dog's collar.

4- Stylish Dog Harness
Enhance your daily walks with our stylish collection of dog harnesses. These are perfect for comfort and control, without sacrificing style.

5- Poop Bag Dispenser
Modern and stylish Dog Poop Bag Dispenser. The top easily unscrews and refill rolls can be placed inside with the first bag ready to go: no tugging or struggling to find the start of the roll. It’s easy to attach to your dog’s lead, harness or your bag.


My Dog is my Valentine's 


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