Fashionable Dog Accessories for your Extra Spoiled Pup

There are some things in this world that are necessities but generally tend to be designed poorly or carelessly — solely with utility in mind. You know the types of essentials that I’m talking about: Dishwashing brushes, soap dishes, litter boxes, etc. Luckily, there are people in this world who realize that utility and beauty need not exist mutually exclusively. Why can’t my diswasher brush be just as nice to look at as the tile on my kitchen backsplash? Why shouldn’t these everyday items be designed with just as much care and be as much of a part of my decor?

As a person who is interested in fashion and design — and is also a dog mom — it was only natural that this philosophy would extend to my furry daughter Mia. The pet supply aisle at Target and even the pet store’s selections were just so lackluster. It felt like the people who had designed the collars and water bowls were really phoning it in. Ooh, a dog bone motif — how original. And don’t even get me started on so many of the dog clothes available. If you think it’s hard to buy kids’ clothes without a tacky print or cheesy saying on them, try finding something for your pet!

Obviously dogs aren’t fashion accessories to add to your family because “bulldogs are so in” or because you want to dress up to compliment your outfit. In fact, my dog’s hair is often an outfit ruiner. It might sound vain or privileged (I’ll admit to it being the latter), but dog people will do anything for our pets, and really just want our beloved companions to have the best of the best. I mean, your pooch has to have a collar and a food dish anyway, right? And what is fashion if not the opportunity to take something we have to do (like get dressed) and turn it into something fun and beautiful? Here are some more realistic ways to keep your canine companion looking fresh:


Retractable and Hands-Free Dog Leashes

Papaya Madness Dog Set


American Dream Dog Set

Riviera Beach Dog Set




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